Virtual Tour - Taipei Excursion


In 2021, although this pandemic kept us apart, what a pleasant thing it is to meet everyone online and know that everyone is healthy and doing well. To let participants worldwide know more about Taiwanese culture, the conference organizer prepared a virtual tour to introduce you to Taipei. Taipei City may look innovative, but it is also a city full of history.


The first stop is the North Gate. It is the only gate that retained its original Qing Dynasty appearance. The surrounding buildings tell the history of Taipei City. 


On to Bao’an Temple, where Baosheng Emperor is worshiped. Baosheng Emperor was a famous doctor from the Song Dynasty and the initial religion of northern Taiwan. 


The third stop is Taipei Confucius Temple. Taipei Confucius Temple not only serves as a historical monument, but also uses modern technology to enhance people's understanding of Confucianism and its history. 


The last stop is Dadaocheng, where different architectural styles are mingled. Several original business clusters remain active, such as tea, Chinese medicine, and fabrics. Undoubtedly, Dadaocheng has been and will be one of the essential places in Taiwan's history and culture.