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CDC-人物介紹 1920x820px-2-02.png
CDC-人物介紹 1920x820px-2-01.png

Design: Her birthday is the same as the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control. Set as female, which is seen as more personable for the public. Much of the design uses white to represent quiet, peace, and brightness, and green to represent health and vitality. Inspiration of her clothing is taken from Taiwan Centers for Disease Control’s quarantine officers. She holds a “Ignaz disinfectant gun”, named after Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, who promoted antiseptic procedures.

Diseases Personified

Since 2018, Taiwan Centers for Disease Control had used a series of personified disease illustrations in attempt to educate the public about some of the characteristics of infectious diseases. These were originally meant to be covers of a fictional magazine. Like magazine covers, they show the topics  discussed inside.  


Look closely and see if you can identify the characteristics of each disease. 

CDC-人物介紹 1920x820px-2-04.png
CDC-人物介紹 1920x820px-2-03.png

Design: As a disease closely associated with birds, there are many elements linked to birds. Note the many bird shadows, the hair that looks like feathers, and the beak shaped mask, feathers on his tie, and the “H-N” pin (H and N proteins of the influenza virus).

CDC-人物介紹 1920x820px-2-06.png
CDC-人物介紹 1920x820px-2-05.png

Design: Since only female mosquitoes bite, the character is set as a female. She may look beautiful, but she will cause you harm. Her dark red lips represent mosquito’s instinct to bite, and she is holding a poisonous thornapple flower. She has mosquito wings tattooed on her back and thornapple flower tattooed on her arm.

CDC-人物介紹 1920x820px-2-08.png
CDC-人物介紹 1920x820px-2-07.png

Design: The disease is visualized into three characters that form a pop group, with their names reflecting the 3 main Culex mosquito species that spread Japanese encephalitis in Taiwan, which are Culex tritaeniorhynchus (Three), Culex annulus (Ring), and Culex fuscocephala (Shiro). They wear black and white, like the colors of the Culex mosquitoes. Red accessories represent their love for blood.

CDC-人物介紹 1920x820px-2-10.png
CDC-人物介紹 1920x820px-2-09.png

Design: This new disease was identified only in December 2019. There are still many unknowns about the disease, so it is imagined to be a hacker, with unknown sex, height, and weight, and wears clothes made using different materials. The face is obscured behind a golden crown, to reflect the name “coronavirus”. He or she sits on a bean bag chair with different protrusions, signifying spike proteins.

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