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Authentic Taiwanese Flavors

  Travelers who have been to Taiwan shall agree that among all the amazing memories and experience about Taiwan, the one thing that remains on their minds is Taiwanese Delicacy. What are authentic Taiwanese Flavors? Is it sour and spicy? Is it sweet but salty? It is hard to describe in just one word. The only way to know the answer is to try it yourself. No matter what kind of taste you like, you should be able to find a Taiwanese dish that suits you. That is the magic of authentic Taiwanese flavor.

Everyone loves Boba!

Bubble Tea

Boba tea is a sweet drink that combines milk, flavored tea, and tapioca pearls that are sucked up through a large straw. Along with tapioca pearls, boba tea can also include different jellies, puddings and more.


Sticky but Fragrant

 Stinky Tofu

Love-it-or-hate-it, Taiwan does it just right. Stinky tofu has a distinct from having been fermented. The pungent smell disappears after cooking. When serving these fermented tofu fried, it usually comes with a side of pickled cabbage and sweet and salty sauce.

Wish You Rich! 

Pineapple Cakes

In Taiwanese, the word for “pineapple” sounds similar to the phrase, “here comes prosperity”, so pineapples have come to symbolize good luck and good fortune. Often given to others as a gift during the lunar new year. These sweets usually come with two kinds of fillings: white gourd or pineapple. The ones with white gourd fillings are sweeter, softer, and creamier to the taste, whereas the ones with pineapples has a firmer texture with the natural sourness of pineapples.


Taste you’ll Miss

Xiao Long Bao

Xiaolongbao may be a Shanghainese delicacy, but some argue that the Taiwanese perfected it. Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung does its Shanghai comrades proud with their succulent pork soup dumplings. Din Tai Fung’s bite-sized xiaolongbao have consistent high quality. Their paper-thin wrappings hold rich hot broth and tender pork meatballs. Gasps can be heard intermittently at Din Tai Fung as diners brave the scalding hot soup that squirts out upon biting the dumplings.

Sweet and no Spicy

Tian bu la

Tian bu la refers to a dish made with fish paste that has been molded into various shapes and sizes, deep-fried, then boiled in a broth. Before eating, the pieces of solid fish paste are taken out of the broth and smothered in brown sauce. Doesn't sound like much, but it delivers plenty of the sweet flavors and chewy textures loved by the Taiwanese. Tian bu la is Taiwan’s take on the Japanese oden, with more sugariness, tougher fish cakes and a signature sauce


For more information, please visit the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

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